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Test JavaScript Function in Node.js Interactive Console

I needed to test an old JavaScript function on a new website. If you have Node installed, here is a great way to do it from the interactive console: eval(require(‘fs’).readFileSync(‘./path/to/file.js’, ‘utf8’)); I got this from: on

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Faux Email Links Using PHP

In an earlier post, Faux Email Links Using ASP .NET Image Handler, I wrote about generating images in code for email links using an ASP .NET generic handler. Wouldn’t it be nice to generate these same type of images in … Continue reading

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Faux Email Links Using ASP .NET Image Handler

I might not score points for originality on this, because email link obfuscation has been worked out in various bits and pieces using a great variety of approaches. Here is an comprehensive solution for ASP .NET using a generic handler … Continue reading

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