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Hex Encode/Decode String In C#

The same code is posted all over the news groups and Internet, but here it is, easy as a snippet for myself and for you to use. I don’t even get credit for this as what I have pretty much … Continue reading

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Class For Parsing Windows Command Line

This is more of a snippet for myself. This is useful for parsing command lines for Windows Console applications and I have written code like this many times over. This class parses command lines of the form: someprogram.exe /<switch0>:<switch0 value> … Continue reading

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Hashing Data In Chunks Using .NET

I used to think that you could not use .NET managed classes to hash a large download as the file was being downloaded. I thought if I wanted to stay in a managed world, i.e. no Win API interop calls … Continue reading

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Uploading Large Files To Self Hosted WCF Rest Service

There are several helpful posts regarding uploading and downloading large files from REST and SOAP based WCF services. I wanted to create my own example of uploading large files to a simple WCF 4.0 REST based service. By large, I … Continue reading

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Faux Email Links Using ASP .NET Image Handler

I might not score points for originality on this, because email link obfuscation has been worked out in various bits and pieces using a great variety of approaches. Here is an comprehensive solution for ASP .NET using a generic handler … Continue reading

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