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Validate Windows User On Network In C++

Need to validate and/or impersonate a user on a Windows domain? I Googled for this a bit but the API call is fairly simple so here is a quick snippet: [code language=cpp] HANDLE htoken = nullptr; DWORD dwError = ERROR_SUCCESS; … Continue reading

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Refresh Icon Cache In Windows 7

This keeps me from having to reboot: C:\Windows\system32\ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache

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Hash File Using POCO

This is the first time I have had to create MD5 hashes for files in C++. I did find a library called POCO that has some very handy classes for doing this. I didn’t want to copy and paste code … Continue reading

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Keep Your Gnome Desktop Awake

These little bash snippets tell you how long in seconds before your screen locks and how to keep your screen from going to sleep. This is for Gnome 3 in Linux. To find the time in seconds before your screen … Continue reading

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Jenkins Snippets

Wipe out workspaces for all projects: Thanks to Stefan Bäumler at, I made a copy right here. [code language=”groovy”] import hudson.model.* // For each project for(item in Hudson.instance.items) { // check that job is not building if(!item.isBuilding()) { println(“Wiping … Continue reading

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Jira Snippets

Let’s face it, when there are cool new tools to lean such as RoR and ASP .NET MVC 4, Grails, why throw away time you could spending learning these to becoming experts at Jira? We just want the answers so … Continue reading

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A Tiny Linux Virtual Machine

More or less, this is a note to myself, but for anyone stopping by, this is definitely worth looking at: Looks like a decent blog also.

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Open Source Collection Libraries For .NET

In the Linked In .NET Developers group, someone posted a question asking about a good open source tree structure in C#. I suppose if you use a library it does shouldn’t matter what .NET language you use. I got to … Continue reading

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Guid To Windows Clipboard Using Cygwin

Guid Generation This will give you a guid to your Windows clipboard using Cygwin. uuidgen | awk ‘{print “{” toupper($0) “}” }’ | putclip If you don’t like the newline that gets added, you can do this: uuidgen | awk … Continue reading

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Cannot Open MS Office Application From SkyDrive

Sometimes when I would open my Excel spreadsheet up on SkyDrive, I’d get a message saying that the document was open by another user and that I could only open it read-only, save as another copy, or cancel, or whatever, … Continue reading

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