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Kickstarter Collection

Here is my kickstarter link collection, a collection of links to help you get applications, application features, build and test environments, up and running, smashing learning curves along the way with good demonstration. SSO Building A Simple Single Sign On(SSO) … Continue reading

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Installing Git On Windows – My Opinionated Approach

Download the installer from Use a 64 bit version for a 64 bit operating system. The install sequence and comments are detailed below. Information Select Destination Location Select Components Uncheck Associate .sh files to be run with Bash if … Continue reading

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Git File Based Repos

Sometimes you may need to keep code in a Git repo, but don’t have a nice web based backend like GitHub available yet to push your source into. A workaround can be to start with a file based repo that … Continue reading

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Python Install On Windows – My Opinionated Approach

This is an opinionated approach to installing Python obtained from on Windows. Essentially, install per-user and keep Python out of the system or PATH environment variable. I’ll show you how to create some simple shortcuts to create Python console … Continue reading

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Multiple Oracle Javas On Windows – No Installs

Whether you want a portable JDK or you just don’t want to further muck up your Windows %PATH%, you can get a older or newer Java on your Windows machine without affecting other versions. I found a link explaining how … Continue reading

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WiFi From Linux Rescue CD

Using Finnix 111 rescue CD: Generate wpa_supplicant.conf configuration file: # wpa_passphrase ssid passphrase > /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf If you have any funky characters like ‘@’ in your passphrase, escape with a ‘\’. Find driver # wpa_supplicant –help Using the correct driver: # … Continue reading

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Make Bamboo Shell Task Run Using Bash

Bamboo will call shell tasks on *nix agents using sh as opposed to Bash. For Debian agents, this means dash not bash. So, how do we redirect to bash? I found this snippet: [code language=”bash”] if [ “$(ps -p “$$” -o comm=)” != … Continue reading

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Hack Classpath In Gradle

I recently tried this to fix the Classpath in Gradle for compiling and testing. Works for compiling, bombs for the testing though. The Gradle plugin integration using jna-3.2.7 blows up during unit testing when the older API is not loaded. … Continue reading

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Hex Encode/Decode String In C#

The same code is posted all over the news groups and Internet, but here it is, easy as a snippet for myself and for you to use. I don’t even get credit for this as what I have pretty much … Continue reading

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How To Clean SVN Checkout Directory

I just love git clean -xfd but you just don’t get that with Subversion. Instead from your Bash shell (or Cygwin) prompt you can do: svn status –no-ignore | egrep ‘^[?I]’ | cut -c9- | sudo xargs -d \\n rm … Continue reading

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