Installing Git On Windows – My Opinionated Approach

Download the installer from Use a 64 bit version for a 64 bit operating system. The install sequence and comments are detailed below.


Select Destination Location

Select Components

  • Uncheck Associate .sh files to be run with Bash if you have other Bash environments such as Cygwin installed.
  • Check Use a TrueType font in all console Windows if you want a nicer font in your Git-Bash terminal.

Using a TrueType font for the Git-Bash console will better display Unicode characters.

Select Start Menu Folder

Choosing the Default Editor Used By Git

Vim comes bundled with the install and is available in Git-Bash. You may change the default editor later.

$ git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files/Notepad++/notepad++.exe' -multiInst -notabbar -nosession -noPlugin"

The above changes the editor to Notepad++ for in the user’s global configuration.

Do not try to use MS Word or WordPad, the configuration needs to be in plain text. Use a UTF-8 without the UTF-8 BOM encoding for the text format.

Adjusting you PATH Environment

Choosing HTTPS Transport Backend

This sets the git http.sslBackend setting and this can changed later. The top radio sets the system value to openssl. The bottom radio sets this to schannel for using the Windows Certificate store. This options can always be changed on a system, per user, or per project basis later.

This option only needs to be set to schannel if custom SSL certificates are used for accessing remote repos using HTTPS.

It is advised to go with the default OpenSSL and only switch to the other on a per project basis when needed. You can always change this later.

Configuring the Line Ending Conversions

This sets the system Git core.autocrlf config option.

Configuring the Terminal Emulator To Use With Git Bash

The seconds option is not advised here. If you want to use Git from something other than a Bash shell, use the posh-git module from the PowerShell Gallery and use Git from PowerShell.

PowerShell with posh-git still does not work as well as Git-Bash. If you insist on using Git from cmd.exe, find a good therapist.

Configuring Extra Options

I’ve not had the need to use symbolic links in any of my Git project. If needed, this option can be set later by setting the Git core.symlinks to true. Remember to set the SeCreateSymbolicLink permission for the user accounts needing this.

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