Multiple Oracle Javas On Windows – No Installs

Whether you want a portable JDK or you just don’t want to further muck up your Windows %PATH%, you can get a older or newer Java on your Windows machine without affecting other versions.

I found a link explaining how to do it here:, but in case it ‘goes away’, here are the steps:

So far this works for Java 1.7, should work with Java 1.8.

  1. Make sure you have 7-zip on your Windows. Download the installer from Oracle
  2. Open the executable installer with 7-zip and extract the single file inside
  3. Extract the files from the to where you want your JDK.
  4. From a Windows command prompt in the folder where you extract the files, run the following:

    for /R %f in (.\*.pack) do @"%cd%\bin\unpack200" -r -v -l "" "%f" "%~pf%~nf.jar"

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